Skips of Britain

After finishing my Fine Art degree I was feeling a little lost without a studio space. So I decided to set myself a project which didn’t require either a studio or any reliance on materials¬†. I decided on a photographic project, and armed with a small digital camera and a BMX I set off around Newcastle looking for inspiration. ¬†After numerous shots of crowds, architecture and seagulls… I began to notice how many skips there were around, and began to use them as subject matter. From a structural point of view they were very good to photograph, and I was always intrigued by the contents of the skips and there relationship to their surroundings. I managed to get a fine collection, and broadened the project to both my home town of Oxford, London and any other towns and cities I visited. The full archive comes to over 200 shots, here is a selection on 20.